Existential Perspectives on Relationship Therapy

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Author: Emmy Van Deurzen, Susan Iacovou

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Published: 15/11/2013

ISBN: 9780230362093

Human beings live in constant battle with issues that are fundamental to their existence. Whether it is a fear of death or problems with intimacy, learning to live with these issues whilst loving another can be a whirlwind of challenges and disappointments. Couples who seek relationship therapy are looking for a way to reconnect with one another and understand the existential predicaments that they each face. In this inspiring new book, Emmy van Deurzen and Susan Iacovou have brought together world renowned therapists to demonstrate how existential theories can improve therapeutic practice. Each contributor explores their own unique existential approach to relationship therapy, drawing on the great thinkers that have informed their work – from Socrates to Sartre – and revealing some of their most profound practice with their clients. Whether you are a student, trainee, or experienced counsellor, you will find this a ground-breaking book which will enrich and transform your work with relationships.