Existential Perspectives on Supervision

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Author: Emmy van Deurzen and Sarah Young

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Published: 31-JUL-09

ISBN: 9780230203303

Supervision is an essential part of counselling and psychotherapy practice. It is increasingly recognised as a tool for ensuring high professional standards. In an era of regulation and tightening control, there is a growing professional need to take stock and reflect on what it means to work with human problems. It is vital that therapists address the moral and philosophical dimensions of their profession and ask themselves what it is to be human. This rich and far-reaching book explores supervision from this timely philosophical perspective. Designed both for trainees and more seasoned professionals, whatever their theoretical orientation, it makes a clear case for seeing existential perspectives on supervision as complementary to, rather than as a substitute for, other forms of supervision. In doing so, the book: allows for an integration of existential supervision within a consistent cross-theoretical framework; helps readers to take better account of the personal, ethical, political and cultural dimensions of their work; promises to rekindle practitioners passion for their therapeutic work whilst broadening their vision.


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