Eight Key Brain Areas of Mental Health and Illness

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Author: Jennifer Sweeton

Publisher: WW Norton & Co

Published: 29/12/2021

ISBN: 9780393714135

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Recent advances in affective neuroscience reveal long-held secrets of mental health and illness in the brain. However, the gap between brain science and clinical practice is wide, and many clinicians find neuroscience to be tedious, overly technical and laborious to learn. Eight Key Brain Areas of Mental Health and Illness bridges this gap, providing key information about the neuroscience of mental illness so clinicians can apply it in their work.

In this handbook, clinical psychologist and best-selling author Jennifer Sweeton details the eight main areas of the brain affected by mental illness, how brain changes show up in the therapy room as symptoms and behaviours, and the types of therapies and psychotherapeutic techniques research has shown can heal the brain. After reading this book, clinicians will feel confident and excited about their ability to take a client-centred, strategic, brain-based approach to treatment planning.