Dialogues for Discovery: Improving Psychotherapy’s Effectiveness

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Author: Editors: Christine Padesky, Helen Kennerley

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Published: 24/08/23

ISBN: 9780199586981

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Dialogues for Discovery: Boosting Psychotherapy’s Effectiveness teaches psychotherapists of all modalities how to help their clients make more frequent and higher quality discoveries in every therapy session. Detailed therapist-client dialogues in each chapter illustrate the client-centered and collaborative 4-Stage Model of Socratic Dialogue, as well as other guided discovery approaches such as behavioural experiments, imagery exercises, and role plays. Guidelines for expert use of Socratic dialogue are highlighted to help therapists avoid common therapy traps that frequently derail therapy progress, as well as effective strategies for navigating and overcoming them.

Chapters are written by international experts on each topic and each includes guiding principles to help therapy stay on track, summarized in “Keep in Mind” boxes. Reader Learning Activities at the end of each chapter suggest a variety of ways to tailor the skills taught to one’s own therapy / supervision practice or classroom settings, as well as Reflective Practice Worksheets which further personalize and help consolidate therapist application and development of Dialogue for Discovery skills. Although Socratic questioning is most commonly associated with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), this book offers a vision for how these processes can infuse all types of psychotherapy and lead to discoveries that transform client lives for the better.