DBT Metaphors and Stories: Understanding the Skills That Make Life Worth Living

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Author: James J. Esmail

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 30/12/20

ISBN: 9780367636210

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DBT Metaphors and Stories gives therapists and DBT skills trainers the skills they need to make effective use of dialectical behavior therapy and to help clients more deeply understand complex realities.

Each page is devoted to explaining a specific DBT skill. The book is structured so that it can used in several ways, including as a reference tool to look up specific skills the reader is struggling to understand or (for skills trainers) to teach. The book can also be read cover to cover, both for understanding of the broad array of skills, and as a source of motivation to devote one’s self to regular practice of skills. It’s a vital guide for trainers, therapists, and their clients interested in fully harnessing DBT’s power to change lives.