Cybersecurity for Coaches and Therapists: A Practical Guide for Protecting Client Data

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Author: Alexandra Fouracres

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 05/04/2022

ISBN: 9781032027166

This ground-breaking book distills the wealth of information on cybersecurity to the most relevant and highly applicable aspects for coaches, therapists, researchers and all practitioners handling client-confidential conversations and data.

Whether working with clients online or face-to-face, practitioners today increasingly rely on the cyberspace as part of their practice. Through a solutions-focused lens, the book provides easy-to-apply practical advice and guidelines using non-technical language, enabling practitioners to mitigate the rising threat of cybercrime which can no longer be ignored. By the last page the reader will have learned the why and how of: securing devices, protecting their practices from financial fraud, mitigating the risks of online communications, operating securely from a home office and handling a cyber event if one occurs.

Clear, concise and easy to follow, this guide is a pivotal resource for coaches, therapists, researchers and practitioners protecting their clients and businesses.