Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool: A Comprehensive Resource for Coaches and Psychologists

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Author: Andréa Watts

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 28/07/22

ISBN: 9780367861247

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Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool is a stimulating and informative resource introducing the Collage Coaching Technique™. This three-stage creative process unlocks unconscious thinking, enabling profound psychological insight through deeper and faster exploration of emotions and behaviours. Equipped with this awareness, clients are empowered to create meaningful and sustainable change.

Emphasis is on the qualities inherent in collage creation that allow clients to reconstruct their internal narrative and move forward purposefully and effectively. Essentially, by disassembling, disrupting, questioning, reassembling, and visualising their thoughts and emotions externally. Case studies, client reflections, and Andréa’s experiences feature throughout, illustrating and enriching the theory. The content includes detailed guidance on creating a safe space for coaching creatively, applying Clean Language, coaching with collage online, and engaging groups in arts-based coaching. Through this comprehensive resource, the case for integrating collage in coaching and psychology is irrefutable.

It is inspirational and essential reading for anyone starting, reviewing, or deepening their creative coaching journey.