Case Formulation in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: The Treatment of Challenging and Complex Cases (2nd Edition)

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Author: Nicholas Tarrier, Judith Johnson

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Published: 17/07/2015

ISBN: 9780415741798

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Since the successful first edition of Case Formulation in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, there has been a proliferation of psychological research supporting the effectiveness of CBT for a range of disorders. Case formulation is the starting point for CBT treatment, and Case Formulation in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is unique in both its focus upon formulation, and the scope and range of ideas and disorders it covers. With a range of expert contributions, this substantially updated second edition of the book includes chapters addressing; the evidence base and rationale for using a formulation-driven approach in CBT; disorder-specific formulation models; the formulation process amongst populations with varying needs; formulation in supervision and with staff groups. New to the book are chapters that discuss: Formulation amongst populations with physical health difficulties Formulation approaches to suicidal behaviour Formulation with staff groups Case Formulation in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy will be an indispensable guide for experienced therapists and clinical psychologists and counsellors seeking to continue their professional development and aiming to update their knowledge with the latest developments in CBT formulation.