C. G. Jung’s Archetype Concept: Theory, Research and Applications

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Author: Christian Roesler

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 29/12/2021

ISBN: 9780367510534

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The concept of archetypes is at the core of C. G. Jung’s analytical psychology. In this interesting and accessible volume, Roesler summarises the classical theory of archetypes and the archetypal stages of the individuation process as it was developed by Jung and his students.

The book also explores how the concept has further developed as a result of research and, for the first time, integrates findings from anthropology, human genetics and the neurosciences. With detailed case studies and dream series to demonstrate various applications of archetypes, Roesler also makes a compelling argument for why some of Jung’s views on the concept should be comprehensively revised.

Offering new insights on foundational Jungian topics like the collective unconscious, persona, and shadow, C. G. Jung’s Archetype Concept is of great interest to Jungian students, analysts, psychotherapists, and scholars.