An Introduction to Psychotherapeutic Playback Theater: Hall of Mirrors on Stage

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Author: Ronen Kowalsky, Nir Raz & Shoshi Keisari

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 28/01/22

ISBN: 9780367766290

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An Introduction to Psychotherapeutic Playback Theater is a comprehensive book presenting Psychotherapeutic Playback Theatre as a unique form of group psychotherapy.

This pioneering book is the first of its kind, examining this new approach, the theory behind it, and the numerous considerations and diverse possibilities involved in using the technique to promote a significant reflective process among participants. Informed by years of Psychotherapeutic Playback Theatre practice and research, the authors detail a collective-creative method that allows for the creation of a therapeutic experience centered on feelings of belonging, acceptance, visibility and liberation. It is presented to the reader as a path towards their development and growth as a conductor working in this newly evolving field of group therapy.

The book will be of great interest to dramatherapy students, trainees and professionals, and group therapists who wish to reflect upon their practice through the mirror of Psychotherapeutic Playback Theatre as well as facilitators and actors working with Playback Theater or other improvised genres.