An EMDR Therapy Primer: From Practicum to Practice (3rd Edition)

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Author: Barbara J. Hensley

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

Published: 30/11/20

ISBN: 9780826182487

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Barbara Hensley’s book, An EMDR Therapy Primer: From Practicum to Practice, is written as a primer and companion to Francine Shapiro’s EMDR texts. It is a step-by-step overview of the foundations of EMDR therapy presented in easily accessible, conversational language, and helps both new and experienced clinicians to maximize their preparation and skills in using EMDR safely, confidently, and effectively. By providing concise coverage of the AIP model and EMDR principles, protocols, and procedures, and by addressing the types of targets accessed during the EMDR process, the book expertly summarizes the eight phases of EMDR with myriad examples so core content can be easily grasped. The third edition is fully revised to include case examples on treating specific populations and issues – transgender issues, military personnel, children, and disaster response. The author has ensured that all relevant new information on components of memory, precepts of EMDR therapy, and adaptive information processing has been fully integrated into the text, making this the most up-to-date book available on the foundations of EMDR therapy. An eBook is included with the purchase of the print edition. New to the Third Edition: New chapter on working with special populations including the transgender population, children, military personnel, and disaster response Expanded Shapiro metaphors and introduced new informational plateau embracing social connection and belonging Key Features: Like having a tutor in your pocket Blends text, clinical examples, scripts, and derailment possibilities to explore and explain the eight phases of EMDR Describes core content in clear, easy-to-understand language Uses case histories, dialogues, and transcripts of successful EMDR sessions with explanations of treatment rationale Details strategies and techniques for dealing with challenging clients, high levels of abreaction, and blocked processing Delivers abundant diagrams, tables, and illustrations to illuminate concepts Helps clinicians to guide clients smoothly through the EMDR process