Child Neglect and Emotional Abuse: Understanding, Assessment and Response

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Author: Celia Doyle and Charles Timms

Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd

Published: 29-03-14

ISBN: 9780857022318

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Protecting children from emotional abuse and neglect is a serious and complex area of social work practice. This book takes readers step-by-step through the underlining theory, skills and practice of working with vulnerable children, highlighting essential contemporary research evidence throughout.

Part 1: Understanding introduces the nature and consequences of child neglect and emotional abuse, including up-to-date knowledge about the physiological impact of childhood malnutrition and emotional deprivation.

Part 2: Assessment considers in detail the factors which can contribute to the complexity of the assessment process and explains assessment procedures.

Part 3: Response offers insights into positive interventions, including some innovative modern therapies and family management approaches such as ‘PACT’.

Using a series of case studies to make complex skills and knowledge accessible, this is essential reading for students and professionals across disciplines that may come into contact with vulnerable children.