Understanding and Treating Chronic Shame: Healing Right Brain Relational Trauma (New Second Edition)

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Author: Patricia A. DeYoung

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 22/12/21

ISBN: 9780367374488

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A masterful synthesis of relational and attachment theory, neurobiology, and contemporary psychoanalysis, Understanding and Treating Chronic Shame has been internationally recognized as an essential text on shame. Integrating new theory about trauma, shame resilience, and self-compassion, this second edition further clarifies the relational, right-brain essence of being in and with the suffering of shame. New chapters carry theory further into praxis. In the time of a national Truth and Reconciliation Commission and a global Black Lives Matter movement, “Societies of Chronic Shame” invites therapists to deepen their awareness of collective societal trauma and of their own place within dissociated societal shame. “Three Faces of Shame” organizes the clinical wisdom of the book into clear guidelines for differential diagnosis and treatment. Lucid and compassionate, this book engages with the most profound challenges of clinical practice and touches into the depths of being human.