Script and Addiction: Powerlessness

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Author: Maria Moore

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Published: 28/01/19

ISBN: 9781527522985

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Addiction to alcohol and other substances is a growing problem today. The Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps Programme is the standard method for treating addictions, and defines an ordered program which, if completed, should break the addiction. However, the level of success here is low. Two main problems in this regard are the failure of the addict to complete the programme and their relapse back into addiction. Treatment of addiction by other methods is even less successful. A new approach is needed, one which better integrates those treating addiction. By combining the 12 Steps programme and the idea of Life Script, a concept from Transactional Analysis, this book demonstrates that a much higher success rate can be achieved. The author pioneered this approach for five years, achieving an improved rate of success from this combination. The book includes case studies to underpin its findings.