Lost for Words: The poetry of mindfulness and non-duality

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Author: Martin Wells

Publisher: Mantra Books

Published: 25/011/2022

ISBN: 9781785359316

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In the early hours of almost every morning during the Covid lockdown in the months of March and April 2021, these poems began mysteriously arriving – like persistent early morning visitors. Curiously, the author’s wife was absent for the whole of this time, and much to her amusement, in her place lay an open notebook, a blank page and a pen. Soon nearly 40 poems filled the notebook – Martin never having written poetry in his life before. Although the pandemic provides the foreground for this collection of poems, they have also been prompted by timeless universal themes, symbolised in a snowdrop, a park bench or an olive tree; found in conversations about love and life and death, in news items and random images. But most of all arising out of that deep longing for union and freedom at the source of each of us. The poems are about what it means to be alive and deeply connected to the natural world. In so doing they go to the heart of mindful living and non-dual wisdom