Implementing EMDR Early Mental Health Interventions for Man-Made and Natural Disasters: CD-ROM Version Models, Scripted Protocols and Summary Sheets

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Author: Marilyn Luber

Publisher: Springer Publishing Co Inc

Published: 30/01/2014

ISBN: 9780826129574

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This CD-ROM version presents EMDR early response intervention protocols for such traumatic events as earthquakes, mining accidents, tsunamis, and ongoing warfare. It also provides concise summary sheets to facilitate quick information retrieval in perilous circumstances.

Included is new information on stress-related illness from ongoing exposure to drug warfare, interventions developed for work in Turkey, Asia, and Iberoamerica, and clinician self-care geared to highly stressful and extensive exposure. Interventions are presented for groups, including work with children, adolescents, and adults and with special populations. The book facilitates the gathering and organisation of client data. It contains updated scripted protocols, with summary sheets from EMDR Scripted Protocols: Basics and Special Situations and EMDR Scripted Protocols: Special Populations that are used in early interventions.

Key Features:

  • Provides EMDR early intervention procedures for man-made and natural catastrophes
  • Addresses EMDR and early interventions for groups of all ages and special populations
  • Highlights international perspectives
  • Includes early interventions scripts and summary sheets for individuals, groups and special
  • populations and self-care scripts for clinicians
  • Offers concise summary sheets for quick information retrieval