Helping Teenagers with Anger & Low Self-Esteem

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Author: Margot Sunderland

Publisher: Hinton House Publishers Ltd

Published: 30/03/2011

ISBN: 9781906531300

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Many teenagers who suffer from anger, anxiety and low self-esteem need help from understanding adults. Without this help, painful feelings can often overwhelm them, badly affecting their emotional health, their relationships with parents and peers, their schoolwork and quality of life. This comprehensive resource contains vital theory and practice, tools and techniques as well as case studies from contributors with extensive hands-on experience of working with troubled young people. – Practical ideas for creating and building connections. – Learn how to initiate and develop transformative conversations. – Offers tried-and-tested therapeutic interventions. – Understand what lies behind aggressive behaviour. – Help teenagers address their feelings so they don’t act them out in a destructive manner. – Learn why teenagers can move from painful feelings to anti-social behaviour. – Understand key psychological research and the brain science behind troubled feelings and behaviour in adolescence. – Gain key parenting skills. The extensive selection of illustrated worksheets and exercises have been developed in consultation with teenagers themselves, and will be a vital aid to helping young people deal with their feelings. Contributors: Louise Bartel; Lynne Davis; Alison Eldridge; Tracy Godfroy; Dom Guard; Margot Sunderland; Louis Sydney. A vital resource for all professionals and parents who seek to reach and help teenagers who struggle with anger, anxiety and low self-esteem.