An extendable wand for online or in-person EMDR ‘The bilateral baton’

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I said goodbye to ‘ships in the night’ when Dr Phil Manfield demonstrated his extendable ‘wand’ which means no change in chair position is required, and eye movements can be started quickly and effectively in session. I spent quite a long time sourcing the longest wand of the correct weight, with an endcap that sticks magnetically to the end. This can also be used for online work to (half extended), depending on client preferences and technology (client will usually need a laptop or desktop rather than a tablet or phone). Although phones on their side still tend to work.

The wand is best used sitting in standard therapy position with the wand fully extended, using just wrist action to swing from side to side. It is quite easy to vary speed at the end of each swing, which ensures clients do not habituate to the movement. It has transformed my practice, saved my arm and enhanced the therapeutic relationship! The wand can be used ‘half extended’ when working online.

Dr Justin Havens