Contemporary Treatment of Adult Male Sex Offenders

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Author: Mark Carich and Martin Calder

Publisher: Crown House Publishing

Published: 27 Oct 2011

ISBN: 9781935810049

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This important book identifies the key components of sex offender treatment, exploring the key elements of each component while making practical suggestions on how to approach each of them. Sex offender treatment has grown significantly over the last decade as a response to public and professional pressure. This has been accompanied by a number of theoretical and practice developments that are needed to tackle such a difficult target population. Frontline workers need assistance in having the new developments organized in an accessible way for their immediate use. The contents includes: an introduction to sex offender treatment; assessment considerations; groupwork; relapse prevention approaches; aftercare and risk assessment and more. Approaches covered include rational emotive therapy, enhancing victim empathy, arousal control via behavioral interventions, identifying and stopping the sexual assault cycle, and improving social skills. The synthesis of diverse information by these two authors will allow professionals to discover: Sex offenders are treatable Many professionals have the skills to undertake this work, if they are given the proper guidance How the initial and comprehensive assessments link with treatment work Strategies for conducting the work A framework for ordering the work How to explore program integrity and treatment effectiveness How to assess future risks. Originally published as ISBN 9781903855195


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