Are You Listening?: Stories from a Coaching Life

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Author: Jenny Rogers

Publisher: Penguin Business

Published: 09/09/2021

ISBN: 9780241474648

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‘The coaching room can sometimes become its own theatre. A marriage unravels right in front of you. A shaming confession is made. A secret hugged for many years is disclosed. Tears of wrenching anger and despair can take up the whole session. These are times where you and the client hold your breath because nothing is ever going to be the same again.’

It is very rare as an adult to find a place where you are not judged, where you can be open, honest and vulnerable: that is exactly what coaching provides. This book brings together twenty different stories which represent the very human dilemmas a coach can encounter. Coaching is not therapy but it is closely related, and while many people seek (or are assigned) executive coaching for work problems, just like therapy each person brings their whole self to the conversation. Exploring Jenny’s beautifully written and moving stories will offer the reader a chance for deep reflection on the meaning of modern relationships.