Adaptable Interventions for Counseling Concerns: A Step-by-Step Clinical Workbook

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Author: Freeman Woolnough, Autumn Marie Chilcote

Publisher: Routledge

Published: 26/01/17

ISBN: 9781138644151

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Adaptable Interventions for Counseling Concerns is filled with more than forty interventions appropriate for new and experienced professionals alike. The interventions are organized in a unique yet practical manner, including options for individual reader creativity and personal adaptations within the text itself. The book’s uniqueness lies in the broad coverage of common concerns, formatting, and ease in navigation. Each chapter is devoted to a specific client concern, with seven suggested intervention strategies clearly labeled by modality to make it easy for readers to find new interventions best suited to their practice. Chapters also introduce relevant and recent research on client concerns, contextualizing the circumstances for which a counseling professional could apply the chosen interventions. Intervention sections also include space for individualized notes and reader personalization.