About Criminals: A View of the Offenders' World

About Criminals: A View of the Offenders’ World

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Author: Mark R. Pogrebin

Publisher: SAGE Inc.

Published: 29-FEB-12

ISBN: 9781412999441

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This text presents students with recent and important research on criminal behaviour. The field studies conducted by the contributing authors for all the articles in this anthology will provide the reader with a realistic portrayal of what actual offenders say about crime and their participation in it. Having offenders’ voices heard along with the researchers’ analyses offers students a real-life view of what, how, and why various criminals behave the way they do. The readings explore a wide array of specific types of criminal behaviour, covering the majority of types found in almost every standard criminology text. Each article has been selected for its ability to artfully portray the perspective of those offenders being studied and its readability for students.


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